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City Furniture

Web Order

The B2B Web Order uses Quoation tables to store unconfirmed orders and upon confirmation creates customer orders that can be then processed at the back end.

For instance,

  • Order Processing–>Settings–>Quotation Codes: Set up WEBQ.
  • Order Processing–>Settings–>CO Codes: Set up WEBO.
  • Order Processing–>Settings–>Quotation Parameters: Link WEBQ to yield WEBO with related transaction type: Customer Order.
  • E-Sales–>Site Defaults: Select site WebStore and set quotation prefix (a new field) to WEBQ.

When the user starts a new order, a quotation is created with prefix WEBQ. When the user confirms it, a permanent order with prefix WEBO is created and cannot be altered by the user any more. In the Orders page, a new list Unconfirmed Orders has been added that lists the Quotations and corresponding Confirmed Orders (marked as Unconfirmed when no such order exists). Clicking on a unconfirmed order number takes you back to entry page to continue with the same. Clicking on the confirmed order takes you to the customer order print format document, like the rest of the tabs.

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