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PropertyPro will initially comprise 2 types of sites

  • PropertyPro - Our own site where customers can set up their accounts and order modules
  • PropertySite - Customer sites for property management which will be automatically generated by PropertyPro for each customer account when the customer orders for the same in PropertyPro.


A prototype is now available at You may login using user-id: Ask any team member for password.


A prototype for the site will be available for viewing by this evening.

In addition to functions for managing property, as specified in the documents below, they will also be able to change the look and feel, navigation, etc., provided the user is allowed a Designer role.

In the current phase of the project, only Property Management and Designer functions would be implemented. In the next phase, an Asset Management module would be added. It is also planed to extend the offering by including HR and Accounting modules.

Specifications Documents

Property Management Module

Currently the site is hosted on the workshop server.

Module name is PY (py.module) and all resources should be kept in custom folder.

All chtml, custom and creports objects will be in their respective propertypro-my folder.

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