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Visibility in Lists

Visibility of data in lists can be controlled by context and teams. Currently, the following contexts are supported.

Context Field Control Group Table
Account Account Code (xacc) Account Group (xaccgroup) Chart of Account (glmst)
Customer Customer Code (xcus) Customer Group (xgcus) Customer Master (cacus)
Supplier Supplier Code (xsup) Supplier Group (xgsup) Supplier Master (casup)
Employee Employee Code (xempnum) Employee Group (xgemp) HR Master (hrmst)
Warehouse Warehouse Code (xwh) Warehouse Code (xwh) Stock Master (imstk)


To add visibility settings, go to

System Administration→Users and Security→Visibility tab and enter the Team, Context and Values for which visibility is allowed. Once you set up any value for a particular context, all users not satisfying the condition will be barred from viewing any record in all lists in the system, unless an exception has been set up as described in the next section.

For instance, if you set up

Team: Orchard, Context: Warehouse, General Stores

Only members and managers belonging to team: Orchard can see rows containing the Warehouse: General Stores in all lists in the system.

Defining Exceptions -- Exempted Fields

The settings here apply to all lists in all modules. However, you may set up exceptions for certain modules by going to

Cross Application→Settings→Default tab and setting up Security Exempted Fields

Say, you enter: xwh gl ar ap, xinvnum gl po

This will exempt

  1. xwh restrictions in Visibility settings for all lists in gl, ar and ap modules, and
  2. xinvnum restrictions in Transaction Code settings for all lists in gl and po modules.

Adding New Contexts

The contexts are defined in the resource file cateamg.json. You can easily override this file by modifying the file and placing it in a custom folder.

For instance, if you want add a new context, say, Location, insert the following snippet into cateamg.json.

    "field": "xlocation",
    "group": "xlocation",
    "table": "caloc"
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